Phenomenal experience.

I was having a truly difficult time with the at fault insurance for a severe accident. Jim stepped in, and issues that had been ongoing for months took days to resolve.

Jim is professional, empathetic and has a strong presence. His traits, skills and personality come together to make an incredible attorney. I cannot recommend him enough.

Harrison Lee

I needed the services of a lawyer because my insurance refused to pay for my care as well as for my pain and suffering. Jim and his staff were wonderful to work with as they handled my claim in a professional and speedy manner. They exceeded my expectations in obtaining what I thought was a great outcome. I would highly recommend the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC.

Elsa Martinez Tenreiro

Jim Guest assisted us in a case for an elderly relative who was in a serious car accident. We were able to utilize his services within the first week of the accident, which was invaluable because we had never been through anything like that before. He guided us through what to expect and document. He was professional, realistic and communicative. I recommend Jim to anyone who is in need of a professional attorney to help navigate all types of insurance cases.

Jennifer Sullivan

Jim Guest represented me after my car was hit by an under insured motorist. He handled my case professionally and with the utmost competency and expedience. Jim was always in close contact with me and kept me well informed and up-to-date throughout the case. He obtained the full amount I was eligible for. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friend or stranger alike.

Helen Mleynek

Jim, with Jodi, were wonderful in helping me get the help I needed and the compensation to pay the medical bills resulting from a not-at-fault T-bone accident. My son and I were well taken care of by Jim and his team and we can't thank them enough for looking out for our family when we really needed someone on our side. Jim has positively helped 3 other family members over the years, so I knew he was the one to call. I'm glad we did.

Pamela Smith

James Guest represented me in a motor vehicle accident. I was rear-ended suffering moderate damages to my vehicle and injuries to myself requiring physical therapy and wrist surgery. Jim kept me informed throughout, dealt directly with the multiple insurance companies, and was very professional and competent. In addition to helping me with my medical bills, Jim obtained for me the maximum payout for which I was eligible. I have and will recommend his services to my friends and family. Matt, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Brad Barnes

My experience with James guest was a positive one. Whenever I needed to speak with him he was always available or Id receive a response from him very quickly. Even my doctors would comment on how thorough and proactive Jim was when we needed something from them. I felt like Jim was truly in my corner and not just going threw the motions. Thank you Jim for getting my case settled out of court for an amount I feel was just.

Jeff Smith

I was in a rear ended in a car accident on I76. The other drivers insurance didn't want to cover my medical treatment. Jim stepped in and gave me suggestions for treatment and worked with me for over a year while I sought treatment. Jim worked with Geico to get a settlement and with Cigna to cover the medical bills. He constantly followed up and checked in with me. I really appreciate all of his help thru this painful and annoying process.

Donna Pekas

James represented me after I was struck by a car while walking my dog. He was professional and positive. He took the stress and pressure off me as he handled the details with insurance companies and doctors/hospital, etc... He has handled the entire process and the settlement thoroughly and thoughtfully. I highly recommend his services for anyone in need.

Cherie Johnson

As a lawyer, I obviously know many good attorneys. Mr. Guest is a kind and smart attorney who I exclusively refer injury cases to. In fact, he has represented close family members of mine. That's how good he is!

David Lindsey

Jim Guest handled my case against an insurance company after I was hit by a car that ran a red light and my car was totaled and I was injured. His communication is excellent, he is efficient and professional. He explained all the steps we needed to take and how to manage it along the way. He dealt with the insurance company, adjusters, and lawyers, so I could focus on recovery. The case was resolved to my great satisfaction in what I feel was fair compensation. I highly recommend his services

Sarah Rowland

I've hired James H. Guest's attorney services a few times and he has always delivered positive outcomes out of difficult situations. Jim's legal expertise and knowledge shows on his awesome hard work. I would wholeheartedly recommend hiring James H. Guest's legal services to anyone looking for an experienced attorney. He gets the job done!

Helder Perez

Incredibly supportive experience with a knowledgeable team!

Sarah Jane

Jim was referred by a friend who had a great experience working with him. Jim helped me during a challenging time after my car accident. He answered all my questions, guided me through the process and took care of everything so I didn't need to. I'd recommend Jim to anyone in need of representation after a car accident. He turned a distressing situation into a manageable process, and I'm incredibly grateful.

Seth Coffey