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From car and truck accidents to medical malpractice, personal injury cases force everyday people into difficult and frustrating situations they hardly feel prepared or capable of handling on their own.

At the Law Office of James H. Guest, L.L.C., we take the guesswork out of personal injury claims by providing our clients with comprehensive and personalized legal representation that truly meets their needs. From car accident claims to wrongful death cases, we have experience handling it all. In addition, we keep up-to-date on the latest legal developments and changes in the industry so that we can better advocate on your behalf and for your best interests.

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We Handle Everything So You Don’t Have To

When medical bills, time away from work, doctors appointments, trips to the pharmacy, physical therapy appointments, and calls to and from the insurance company start piling up, it can really distract you from what’s most important: your recovery.

Our lawyers understand this completely, which is why we have dedicated our careers to helping clients throughout the entire claims process. From beginning to end, we will personally handle everything from filing paperwork to obtaining medical records and dealing with the insurance company.

We want you to feel confident about your recovery, not frustrated about legal matters.

Our Experience Comes With Proven Results See a selection of past case results and decide whether Law Office of James H. Guest, L.L.C. is right for you.

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The Law Office of James H. Guest and lead attorney James H. Guest have represented thousands of clients over the last 30 years, making sure they received the compensation they needed and deserved.

Our extensive experience at the negotiation table and in the courtroom means you will always have a lawyer in your corner protecting your rights and best interests, handling all of your legal matters, and helping you get what you need to get back to your life.

Feel Confident You Made The Right Choice

If your injuries or grief were caused by someone else’s careless or negligent actions, make sure you’re well taken care of by a team that has the experience, dedication and know-how to pursue a positive outcome tailored to you and your family’s needs. You focus on recovering, we’ll take care of the rest.


If you’ve been injured in an accident and need compensation, let the lawyers at Law Office of James H. Guest, L.L.C. take care of everything while you recover.

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