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Drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents, injuries and deaths in Colorado. In fact, at least 1 in every 3 traffic fatalities in Colorado involves a drunk driver.ยน Whenever a drunk driver causes a crash, that driver - and possibly others - can be liable for the injuries, harm and damage they have caused.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a drunk driving crash or a loved one was killed because of a drunk driver's negligence, you can turn to the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of James H. Guest. For the past 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to fighting for justice and maximum compensation for accident victims throughout the Denver area and the state of Colorado.

We handle everything so you don't have to. We will protect your rights, hold drunk drivers accountable and help you obtain financial recoveries for medical bills, suffering and losses.

An Overview Of The Legal Limits: What Is Drunk Driving?

State law dictates the legal limit at which a motorist is considered to be drunk. The age of a driver and the type of license he or she holds will determine the applicable legal limit. Generally, one of the following legal limits will apply:

  • The 0.02 limit is for motorists who are younger than 21 - Colorado has Zero Tolerance Laws for minors driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • The 0.04 limit applies to drivers who hold commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), like commercial truck drivers - This limit is not reserved for when CDL holders are driving commercial vehicles. It also applies when CDL holders are off duty and/or driving non-commercial vehicles.
  • The 0.08 limit is for motorists who hold standard (non-commercial) driver's licenses and who are at least 21 years old - At 0.05, however, these drivers can still be considered to be impaired, and they can be charged with driving while ability impaired (DWAI).

Drunk Driving: The Dangers And Potential Proof

When motorists make the reckless choice to get behind the wheel when they're drunk, they threaten the safety of anyone sharing the roads with them. This is because drunk drivers generally experience:

  • Perception problems - In addition to not seeing things in the traffic environment, drunk drivers can misinterpret the visual and auditory cues they do see or hear, like changing traffic lights or sirens.
  • Impaired judgment - These impairments often cause drunk people to make the dangerous choice to drive when they should not. They can also contribute to drivers making reckless or unsafe maneuvers because they misjudge the location or speed of their car or other vehicles on the road.
  • Slower response times - Alcohol greatly impairs the part of our brain that works with our primary motor cortex, hindering coordination and movement in addition to slowing down reaction time.

Immediately after a crash, it can be unclear if drunk driving was involved. However, some possible evidence that can point to the involvement of drunk driving may include but is not limited to:
  • The smell of alcohol
  • Slurred speech
  • An arrest or citation occurring right after the crash
  • The BAC test results
  • Witness statements and/or the statements of the other driver

Recovering From A Drunk Driving Crash: How Our Lawyers Can Help You

The attorneys at the Law Office of James H. Guest, L.L.C., have vast experience successfully resolving various types of motor vehicle accidents caused by various forms of negligence and impairments, including:

  • Marijuana impairment
  • Driving under the influence of illicit drugs
  • Negligent entrustment - cases against those who have allegedly enabled a drunk driver
  • Dram shop liability - cases against bars, restaurants or other establishments that have served alcohol to drunk drivers

For these and other impaired driving claims, we can help victims obtain recoveries that include damages for:
  • Medical bills, past and future
  • Lost wages
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Pain and suffering

Whether you or a family member was injured by a drunk driver, we understand the hardships you are facing, including the anger and lingering questions. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve a favorable legal outcome and to hold the drunk driver accountable - and any other negligent parties - for the harm they have caused you.

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1: According to findings from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)