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Medical malpractice cases are complex and involved, oftentimes requiring an extensive understanding of the law and the tenacity to go up against big hospitals and their team of attorneys. This can be incredibly intimidating for victims of medical malpractice and hospital negligence who often hesitate to file a claim for compensation despite their right and justification to do so.

At the Law Office of James H. Guest, we advocate vigorously on behalf of individuals who have been seriously injured due to medical malpractice. Our attorneys have the in-depth legal knowledge and resources necessary to give clients an opportunity to fight for justice.

Our clients know they're in good hands with our legal team because we handle everything - from gathering medical records and statements to filing a claim and recovering full and fair compensation.

Comprehensive Representation You Can Trust

For more than 27 years, our law firm has provided the effective, efficient legal services residents in Denver and surrounding areas need to take on respected doctors and prominent health care organizations in medical malpractice cases in Colorado.

We have more than two decades of experience filing compensation claims for:

  • Surgical errors - including wrong site surgeries, wrong patient surgeries, retention of foreign medical instruments and unnecessary surgeries
  • Medication errors - including prescription mistakes, medication administration errors and anesthesiology mistakes
  • IV and infusion errors - including placement errors and infiltration complications
  • Diagnostic errors - including radiology and oncology mistakes
  • Hospital negligence
  • Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose
  • Delayed diagnosis

We go out of our way to make the legal process as easy on clients as possible. To do this, we draw on the knowledge of legal experts and all available evidence. Additionally, we craft comprehensive, compelling arguments that are designed to help victims and their families recover present and future costs associated with medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Our Role Is Important In The Recovery Process

One of the major frustrations plaintiffs run into when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is being able to identify when a settlement offer is in their best interests and enough to cover their present and future financial needs.

At the Law Office of James H. Guest, L.L.C., we know that some forms of medical negligence can result in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. We also know how much these unexpected expenses can end up costing victims and their loved ones further down the road. That's why we take a personalized approach to every case we handle. We want to make sure you the compensation you need to fully recover, not see you accept a settlement designed for someone else.

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If you or someone close to you was a victim of medical malpractice, we are here to stand up for your rights. We offer free initial consultations, and there is no fee if there is no recovery. Simply call our Denver office or contact us online to set up an appointment.