Firm Overview

Providing Comprehensive Auto Accident and Personal Injury Representation Since 1990

Since our founding, the Law Office of James H. Guest, has always had one goal: to fully and completely help those who have suffered because of someone else's negligence. We are grounded in this value because of the hard work and dedication of lead attorney James H. Guest, after whom the firm is named.

For decades, Mr. Guest has stayed true to his convictions, dedicating his entire career and practice to representing plaintiffs in auto accidents and personal injury cases. He doesn't just fight for his clients; he gets to know them on a personal level. It's this high level of attention to detail and compassion that is one of many reasons he has a long line of satisfied clients.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Firm

Choosing the right attorney means finding the right fit for you and your family's needs and goals. There are numerous benefits to working with our lawyers, some of which include:

  • Personalized attention - We listen to your story and get to know you - sometimes better than you know yourself.
  • Strong attention to detail - We pay attention to every detail - no matter how small - to get the whole picture of what happened and what you need to recover fully.
  • With you from beginning to end - With our firm, you will always have a lawyer at your side ready to answer any question and guide you through the legal process with confidence.
  • Comprehensive and full-service representation - The only thing we want you to focus on is getting better and back to your life - we'll handle all the paperwork, phone calls with insurers, gathering of records and more.
  • Experienced litigators - One hundred percent of our practice is focused on litigation, which means we're not afraid to take matters to court if it means getting you a better outcome.
  • Track record of successes - We've handled thousands of cases over more than 30 years, recovering millions of dollars for our clients and their families.

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Truly helping people in every possible capacity after an auto accident or other personal injury is what we do best here at the Law Office of James H. Guest. Let us do the same for you. Contact us online or call our office in Denver, Colorado, to schedule a free initial consultation.