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Why Alcohol & Driving Doesn’t Mix: 4 Debilitating Effects of Alcohol

Oct. 21, 2020

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with enjoying some alcohol beverages every now and again, drinking and driving just do not mix. That’s because alcohol can seriously debilitate motorists and prevent them from being able to safely operate vehicles. This may not be a new fact to most people, and drunk driving is clearly illegal in every state in the U.S.

However, taking some time to understand just how alcohol affects motorists’ abilities can clarify just why drunk driving is so dangerous.

How Alcohol Affects Drivers

Knowing how alcohol debilitates drivers’ can underscore just how & why drunk driving is so dangerous, explains a Denver car accident attorney.

When motorists consume alcohol:

  1. Their perception deteriorates – Both the ability to hear and see declines when motorists are drunk. In fact, while drunk drivers will have a harder time determining what sounds are and where they are coming from, they will also likely experience tunnel vision and impaired visual acuity (by up to 30 percent).

  2. Their judgment is also impaired – One of the reasons that drunk driving is such a big problem is that the nature of alcohol impairment can prevent drivers from making reasonable choices (hence, people who know drunk driving is dangerous will still do it anyways when they are impaired because their judgment is impaired). Some studies have indicated that people’s abilities to make good judgments can be compromised at BACs as low as 0.02 (i.e. only after one or two drinks in some cases).

  3. They have problems coordinating their movements – Alcohol can prevent people from being able to control their fine motor skills. This, in turn, can mean that drunk motorists are not able to safely coordinate essential tasks for driving, such as checking blind spots while driving straight.

  4. They have slower reaction times – Knowing that alcohol can delay and complicate perception, it’s no big surprise that drunk drivers will also then be slower to react to changing driving conditions when they do come to notice them. In the event that the necessary reaction is braking, yielding, etc., this can greatly increase the risk of collisions if reaction times are impaired even just slightly.

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