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How Often Do Car Accidents Occur?

In the time it took you to click on the link for this blog; the time it took for this page to load on your browser; and, the time it took you to start reading this article, a car accident occurred on a U.S. roadway.

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Most Fatal Car Crashes Occur on July 4th

July 4th can be a fun time to join family and friends in celebrating American Independence. For those who are driving to and from their parties or other celebrations, however, it can also be an incredibly risky time of the year on the roads.

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Top 10 States with the Most Car Accidents

Are you planning a cross-country trip? Or do you have plans to visit family or friends in another state? If so, finding out which states rank the worst for car accidents can help you plan your route, avoid riskier states or be on “red alert” when driving in certain states.

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