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An Overview of Common Types of Truck Accidents


A Denver truck accident attorney at the Law Office of James H. Guest can help victims with their financial recovery after these common (and other not so common) types of truck accidents.

While truck accidents can occur nearly anywhere, how they take place can be central to determining whether negligence may have been involved – and, if so, the nature of that negligence.

At the Law Office of James H. Guest, our Denver attorneys are experienced at representing the victims of various types of truck accidents. We understand how devastating the injuries and losses caused by these collisions can be and that financial recoveries can be pivotal to victims’ physical and emotional recoveries. That is why our lawyers are ready to fight for victims’ rights to compensation and justice following truck accidents.

Below is a look at just some of the various types of truck accident cases our Denver lawyers are skilled at bringing to successful resolutions.

5 Common Types of Truck Accidents

  • Jackknife truck accidents involve the trailer of a truck swinging out alongside of it, closing in towards the cabin in the same way as a jackknife closes. More likely to occur when road and weather conditions are poor, jackknife accidents can result from failures to properly secure trailers, drivers having to slam on the brakes at the last minute and/or equipment failures. In many cases, jackknife accidents involve multiple vehicles and serious, if not fatal, injuries.
  • Underride accidents involve passenger vehicles colliding with trucks and becoming stuck beneath them. Often the result of some form of driver negligence (either on the part of the trucker or other motorists), underride accidents usually cause catastrophic injuries to the occupants of passenger vehicles, as the point of impact in these collisions is generally at occupants’ chest and head level. In the most serious cases, underride collisions can shear off the tops of passenger vehicles.
  • Runaway trailer accidents involve the trailers of trucks traveling at faster speeds than cabins and, oftentimes, breaking free of them. While runaway trailer accidents can be caused by vehicle equipment failures, such as faulty hitches, these types of truck accidents can also result from trucks being overloaded, truckers failing to properly maneuver trucks or other drivers causing truck drivers to have make sudden stops or turns (to avoid a collision, for instance).
  • Rollover truck accidents are some of the deadliest truck accidents that occur, as they can crush vehicles’ cabins and/or throw occupants clear from vehicles. While road and weather conditions can increase the risk of rollover truck accidents, in many cases, failures to properly secure or balance loads, last-minute maneuvers and/or driver negligence may also play a role in causing rollover truck accidents.
  • Fatal truck accidents kill nearly 5,000 people each year in the U.S., with most of these victims being the people who are not in trucks. In most cases, some form of negligence contributes to fatal truck accidents, with driver negligence, trucking company negligence or even the negligence of vehicle equipment manufacturers commonly playing a role in causing these collisions.

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