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When Negligence Causes Motorcycle Accidents

More than 90 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by some form of human error, and tragically, the same is true of motorcycle accidents.

Understanding just how negligent and reckless behaviors can lead to motorcycle crashes, however, is important for riders, as it can help them understand when to consult a lawyer after being hurt in a wreck.

How Motorists’ Negligence Can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents


When negligence harms riders, a Denver motorcycle accident attorney at the Law Office of James H. Guest can help injured riders with their financial recovery.

Other drivers and riders themselves can play a role in causing motorcycle accidents as a result of:

  • Impaired driving – Drunk drivers and riders will generally experience slower reaction times, difficulty coordinating their movements and impaired perception and judgment. This combination of factors can significantly increase the risk of motorcycle accidents even if there are few other motorists on the road.
  • Distracted driving – Distracted motorists can experience similar impairments to drunk motorists, and they can miss seeing as much as half of all the visual cues in their driving environments. This can lead to serious accidents when motorists in larger, heavier vehicles fail to look for or see riders in their proximity.
  • Failing to comply with traffic laws – When any motorist fails to comply with fundamental traffic laws (like stopping at red lights, obeying speed limits, etc.), again, the risk of a motorcycle accident can increase sharply.

Here, it should be noted that:

  • Motorists can be negligent or reckless in other ways and, in doing so, contribute to motorcycle accidents.
  • Negligent drivers who hit riders can be liable for compensating victims following these crashes.
  • Even if riders may have been partially to blame for an accident, they may still be entitled to compensation if even one other party was more at fault than they were in causing the motorcycle accident.

Other Negligence that Can Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

In addition to motorist negligence, other forms of negligence that can play a role in causing motorcycle crashes include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Manufacturer negligence, which can occur when equipment these companies design or make is defective or faulty and equipment malfunctions cause accidents
  • Trucking company negligence, which can arise, for instance, when trucking companies put dangerous, impaired or inexperienced drivers on the road and these truckers cause motorcycle accidents
  • Municipalities’ or other entities’ negligence, which may come into play when their failure to maintain or repair the roads leads to motorcycle accidents.

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