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Police Are Missing Important Details in Car Crashes

Oct. 21, 2020

Unfortunately, most Denver area residents will be involved in a car crash at least once in their lives. Most of these car accidents are minor fender-benders, but many will be involved in a serious accident as well. The police report that is written regarding a car accident is an important piece of evidence for insurance companies, attorneys, medical providers, and others. A recent report is showing that many of those accident reports are incomplete.

The National Safety Council looked at crash reports from all around the country to see what data is recorded in a car accident. The report shows that none of the states collect the required amount of data by government and traffic safety organizations that they use to examine the real causes of crashes. The government also uses the data to try and figure out solutions to crashes.

Incomplete crash reports can impact how safety organizations and the government analyze crash data and come up with solutions to make driving safer. In their report, the NSC highlighted four important areas that are not universally reported in car accidents. These areas include: no states have a code to report driver fatigue at the time of a crash, many states do not track accidents as the result of texting, many do not record accidents caused by the use of hands free cell phones, and many do not report the specific drug used by a driver when they are involved in an accident.

Without accurate police reports, new laws and regulations become harder to justify. Despite the increase in car accidents in the last few years, there is still some work to do to make sure drivers understand the importance of safe driving.