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Apartment Fire Spurs Arson Investigation, May Reveal Burn Victims’ Options for Financial Recovery

Oct. 21, 2020

Police have apprehended an arson suspect in connection with a fire that injured 11 people at Federal View Apartments, located near Federal Boulevard and West 26th Avenue. The arrest was made following an investigation of a suspected arson, Denver Fire Department Spokesperson Luis Cedillo recently told the Denver Post.

According to the latest reports, the fire started on Sunday, March 27th at the Federal View Apartments. Investigators used surveillance video to identify the arson suspect, who is now being held on suspicion of first degree arson, second degree arson and fourth-degree arson.

Damaging Details of the Injuries Caused by the Fire

Arson investigation may reveal financial recovery options for burn victims

The following provides a closer look at the details surrounding this apartment fire and the ensuing investigation:

  • The motive for starting the fire remains unknown at this time.

  • Before the fire started, witnesses report hearing screaming and some loud fighting.

  • The fire reportedly started on the 3rd floor of the multistory residential building.

  • Once the fire broke out, several of the building’s occupants jumped from the 3rd floor of the apartment building to escape the fire and avoid potentially deadly smoke inhalation.

  • Three children were dropped from the upper floors of the building to people below who caught them.

  • The arson suspect, who is now in custody in the Denver jail, reportedly has a pretty length rap sheet.

The arson suspect will soon be arraigned, kicking off the criminal angle of this case.

Possible Financial Recovery Options: Who Is Liable for the Fire?

Although it may be months before the criminal case against the alleged arsonist is resolved, for the victims of this fire – those who suffered burn injuries, have been displaced from their homes and may have even lost significant personal property, the civil aspect of this case may be just as important. That’s due to the fact, depending on the details of the investigation, the owner of the apartment building (and/or other parties) may be held liable for compensating the victims for their injuries and losses.

In fact, if the details of this case reveal evidence of the following, the victims may be able to pursue financial recovery from the apartment owner (and/or others):

  • The property owner failed to provide the proper security, such as functioning security gates.

  • The property owner failed to fixed broken locks, which may have provided access to the suspected arsonist.

  • The property owner failing to provide effective emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc., which may have exacerbated the injuries and/or losses in this case.

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