Are Head-Up Displays, IVI Systems Are More Distracting to Drivers than Helpful?

As technology advances vehicle safety, drivers can control vehicle’s systems with their voices, they can receive warnings about impending collisions, and they can even (in some new luxury vehicles) see dashboard information in transparent displays at the base of their windshields.

With all of these advancements, however, some are now wondering whether some of these features may be doing more harm than good due to the potential for distracting drivers and collisions.

What Are Head-Up Displays & IVI Systems?

Available in certain new, higher end vehicles:

  • Head-up displays are see-through displays that present information like the vehicle’s speed and fuel levels at the base of windshields. The thought behind these displays is that, by providing the information drivers need as they operate vehicles within their field of vision when their heads are up and looking at the road, they will be distracted less because they can remain focused on the road/they won’t have to keep moving their heads back and forth.
  • IVI systems, or in-vehicle infotainment systems, are features that allow drivers to operate various features of their cars via specific voice commands. From adjusting stereo levels to making phone calls, IVI systems are intended to allow drivers to control various elements of their vehicle/driving environment while maintaining their focus on the road.

Potential Problems with These Features

Distracted Driving

Some transportation safety advocates worry that head-up displays and IVI systems may be doing more harm than good for drivers, a Denver car accident attorney explains.

In theory, head-up displays and IVI systems sound very useful and helpful to motorists. In practice, however, they may be far more problematic and distracting to motorists, transportation safety advocates have noted. In fact, just some of their concerns include that:

  • There aren’t any regulations regarding what can and cannot be featured in head-up displays. This could end up meaning that ads, reservations, etc. – i.e., information not related to the driving conditions or the vehicle – could be included in these plays, creating a huge potential for driver distraction – and traffic accidents.
  • IVI systems can have very specific and obscure commands, which can also lead to driver distractions. In fact, when IVI systems don’t respond – even if drivers issue the commands properly, drivers can end up getting distracted trying to figure out the issue. One study even reported finding that it can take more than 25 seconds for drivers’ attention to return to the road after they interact with IVI systems.

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